Twitter to improve the users’ experience by adding edit button and some new features

Edit button for the Twitter platform has been in the discussion for past three years. Users have been wanting this feature because many times the users face difficulty in tweeting when there is a simple mistake which can ruin the tweet so Twitter team has been focusing onto this matter for three years. So during an event in India the Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey shared the news with the audience that they are going to add the edit button which will just allow the users to edit the typos in their tweet. The CEO told that they are currently testing out the feature on the IOS platform, he did not shared any time limit regarding the testing of the edit button which he stated that there will be a time frame in which a user can edit his or her tweet.

There was also some news roaming around in the news outlets that Twitter is likely to remove the like button in order to add the edit button and to make the Tweeting experience in a more quality manner. Twitter team did clarify regarding this news that they are fully testing the features of Twitter, they also added that they are thinking of changing the whole tweeting experience but still it is too early confirm the features.

With the ongoing demand for the edit button the Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey stated that they are looking and testing the edit button in order to give the opportunity to the users to edit their typos into the tweets but to completely editing the tweet will not be an option so which is why the Twitter team is focusing onto this issue and testing this feature on the basis of different scenarios so that they can achieve the feature without changing the core values of the Twitter platform.

The team added that they are testing new features into the platform to improve the Twitter experience for the users, to improve the tweeting, having a conversation with other users, these all features are being tested to improve the platform. Other platform have been making new changes to their platforms, some are even completely changing their outlook from the ground up like LinkedIn. So Twitter is also looking for making some new changes in the platform and add the features which many users have been wanting for the last couple of years. Its been a long time that Twitter has made a drastic change within their platform just like Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. So now Twitter is looking to make new changes into their platform which will improve the experience of using the platform from being a normal user, a verified user or users who are into marketing and advertising their content on this platform. So it is necessary to take time and go through all the possibilities and challenges in order to achieve a good environment for the Twitter users which they can fully experience it.