New Trending Topics Update on Snapchat Released

Snapchat is an online mobile app which is used to send videos or pictures which are only available for others to view only for a short period of time. This enables a more usual flow of interactions among the users. Snapchat has changed a lot since the past few years and is being frequently updated. Even for the daily users of Snapchat, sometimes it becomes difficult to keep up or understand how the new features or update really works.

Recently Snapchat released a new update in which they introduced trending topics on their social media platform. As Snapchat is the most popular among teenaged users and majority of its users being teens, Snapchat can be the best at providing the key trending topics among the young audience. These tabs will allow you to know what the youth are talking about or what are they most interested in for that month. In this update, Snapchat will make tabs to highlight the trending and latest movies, slang terms, key topics etc. The trends among the youth turn out to almost be manipulative and controlling and flow away with time. By monitoring the trends and discussions of users on Snapchat you just might be able to overtake the next big wave of trend in your region respectively. Brands can use these trends in their ad campaigns to attract the young audience if they use them cunningly and intelligently. Following are some types and examples of the trending tabs on Snapchat.

Global Trending Topics

In this tab you can see which topics are trending among different countries. For instance you can see where Annual day, National boyfriend day or Halloween is being celebrated in the world.

Trending Topics

The normal trending tab will show you the trends of this month in the US, like World Series, New Apple Emojis, Haunted House, Happy Halloween, Pumpkin Patch, Hurricane Michael, Spooky Basket, PSAT/SAT and National Boyfriend Day. You can easily click on any one of the trending tabs and know what it is about, discussions of people about that trend, posts related to that trend and much more

Trending Entertainment

In addition to normal trends, Snapchat also provides a separate trending tab for entertainment. This tab contains a lot of entertainment options which are trending this month, and for the convenience of the users it is just a click away. In this tab we have trends like Big Mouth, UFC 229, Fortnite, Venom, Call of Duty BO 4, Halloween, The Hate U Give, Super Mario, Red Dead Redemption and The Haunting of Hill House. This tab shows a mixture of the most trending Games, Movies and TV shows.

Trending Celebrities

In this tab you can see all the trending celebrities or content creators who have recently either released a new album or have taken part in an online controversy. Celebrities like Kodak Black, Twenty One Pilots, Conor McGregor, Khabib, Lil Baby and Garth Brooks were the most trending in the US this month.