LinkedIn redesigned its whole platform by adding sharing options and proper management tools

LinkedIn has changed its platform by completely redesigning their platform. The platform has added improved version of management tools and sharing options which will help the users to have a more improved experience regarding managing the posts and sharing it with other users or other social media platforms. The platform saw the rise of the mobile users and also other social media platforms making their move into the mobile market by totally integrating their platform into a mobile application. This is why LinkedIn has made its platform into the mobile app which will be very much easier and good to use just like other social media platforms where the users can easily communicate with other users and share their views.

LinkedIn allows the companies to maintain their posts and also provided them a better and improved design to communicate with the audience. Before this redesign LinkedIn was having many problems and challenges when the users were looking to share their posts or upload new content through their mobile app which was not a good experience for many users. The platform was not fully made compatible with the mobile phones so now with this complete redesign LinkedIn has now made their platform fully compatible with the mobile app and make it fully operational for the users.

There is an important feature which LinkedIn added which is the hashtag feature. Through this feature brands and businesses can follow up the conversations that people are having and respond to the conversations through the feedback which is made easy for the users to have a good experience. Along with this new feature the platform also added the content suggestions to the platform to make the experience even better when it comes to searching the top trending topics and also being suggested with the related trends or topics. With all these amazing features the platform also added the option of sharing documents into their profiles, documents such as PDF or PowerPoint Presentation. These all can now be shared by the users into their profiles or with other users.

The platform now also allows the users which are the employees to share the posts regarding their company, this helps the company to engage with the conversation between the employees and employers. This creates a type of better understanding between the employers and employees through the LinkedIn platform. With the help another feature which is that where ever the company’s name is mentioned in any type of post, that particular post will be re-shared with the company’s main profile. These posts can be customer’s feedback, employees’ posts related to companies, customer testimonials and product reviews, posts like these can be shared with other users and the company whose name has been mentioned into that post.

With its new design the platform also allows third party software to integrate with the platform like management software, funding software, statistics software to make a better understanding of the company’s business profile and also the users’ profiles.