6 Ways Your Sales Team Can Increase B2C Selling Via Social Media

B2C Selling Via Social Media

Social media platforms is a place where people spend most of their free time scrolling thorough content. Whether it is print media, a social networking site or even an in-person networking event.

Businesses can always take benefit of this addiction people are having these days. Almost all clever businesses are on social media, grabbing the attention of their audience. Also, social media network is an easier way to reach out clients and increase sales. According to a survey performed by the LinkedIn study, 75 percent of B2B purchasers are now taking advantage of social media to reach their vendors.

  1. Working with buy-in form key stakeholders

When any new investment is made, even if it is a new tool or a process, longterm success is only possible if you are receiving by-in from all the important stakeholders. Now what you have to do is to convince your sales team to focus on social selling, but for that they need to follow all of these four roles with focused people:

1.Inspirational: Let us just predict that you are the natural champion of this ideology.

2.Operative: This person will be confined to delegate tasks and the one who makes all effort so that the initiative does not die off.

3.Supportive: This individual has to make strict decisions to allocate creative resources.

4.Logistical: This individual has a task of ensuring that the right tool are always implemented.

2.Focus on the playing field

Reasons to use LinkedIn when it comes to social selling

When it comes to B2B sales, LinkedIn is the most preferred place to look for. The main reason to this is that it has a sales navigator protecting tool. LinkedIn has preferable posting algorithms that allows it to be high up when it comes to the list of top social selling tools. LinkedIn’s director of engineering stated that, “LinkedIn has implemented a four step process for content distribution across its network as a way to reduce the spread of spam or inappropriate content.”

Reasons to use Instagram for social selling

On the contrary, Instagram is more  preferable when it comes to B2C sales. One of the things which makes Instagram less preferable than LinkedIn is its posting algorithms. Paul Romondo talked in detail about this topic saying that,“Facebook’s & Instagram algorithm uses four steps to help it decide how to rank your content in the news feed. […] After making these predictions and calculating the probabilities,

Facebook consolidates the information to calculate a ‘relevance score,’ a number that represents how interested Facebook thinks you may be in a certain story.”

  1. Set goals like gaining Instagram & Facebook followers

Setting goals and then keeping a strict check on them is always important when making social sales. Some goals you can keep an eye on are, get more followers on instagram without following, number of views you are receiving per post, number of conversations made with prospects and also the number of demos and signups.