Do you know that tons of waste is being produced by a single household every year? Waste management is one of the best ways of saving mother earth. Here are few of the ways you can do to manage your household waste. These recycling methods are going to save the environment.


* Be sure to buy goods that are made from recycled materials. You can help a lot of environment enthusiast by buying their products.

Reduce your plastics. Do not use a plastic bag when doing your groceries, a paper bag will do. Plastic has a synthetic element that takes a long time to dissolve. A lot of companies are now are reducing the usage of plastic in their day to day transaction.

* Segregate your household waste properly. Garbage collectors are not going to collect your garbage if they are not segregated properly. You can label your garbage cans as biodegradable and non-bio degradable. Your biodegradable wastes are your plant products, wood, paper, food waste, leaves and grass clippings. Your non-biodegradable wastes are cans, bottles, plastic products, metal scraps, glasses, grocery bags or plastic bags and Styrofoam. Even recycle bins for offices are not being segregated properly.


* Donate your old stuffs to a charity. Instead of throwing your old things away, you can donate them to an institution.

* Do not buy things you don’t need. Refrain from buying items which you are not going to use. These items are just going to add up to a lot of things that you need to de-clutter.



* Reuse, reuse, reuse. Do not forget to reuse your stuffs that are still reusable like your papers, plastic bags and plastic containers.